Opera Holland Park

Stephen and Anthony Blackstock were asked to advise the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea on the feasibility of transferring Opera Holland Park to trust status.

We worked closely with the management team, the staff and the Friends of Opera Holland Park, and identified and interviewed the chair and trustees for the Shadow Board to take over the management and organisation of this successful company. It was important to ensure that the new trust had a good balance of experience and expertise, including previous knowledge and experience of the company, legal, financial, HR, marketing, sponsorship and development, opera and the wider music sector, buildings and external contracting. We provided an interface between the Council and the Shadow Board and negotiated the initial 3 year funding agreement for the new company.

We also commissioned particular pieces of practical work including the application for charitable status, which was handled by associate company, Stone King, and provided advice on specific issues such as the VAT implications of the new business.


Opera Holland Park


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