Cotesbach Educational Trust, Lutterworth

This was the second HLF Transition Project undertaken by Quartet. In this case Cotesbach Educational Trust (CET) had completed a £675k restoration project on the Cotesbach estate setting up an archive of the estate papers going back over 250 years.

Following the completion of the capital project, CET was struggling to realise the original business plan and was in some danger of closure. Our task was to turn this situation around by comprehensively reviewing the governance, staffing and business objectives. A new business plan was submitted to HLF in April 2017 and is now being implemented. Significant changes were required to the board of trustees and the staff structure.

“Thanks to Quartet, our consultants, for their incisive analysis of CET and ‘what needs doing’ and for their support in helping us to establish a firm base from which to move forward.”

John Turner, Chair, Cotesbach Educational Trust



Cotesbach Educational Trust, Lutterworth


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