Assembly Hall Theatre and Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

For Tunbridge Wells Borough Council we undertook an organisational review of both the Assembly Hall Theatre and Trinity Theatre.

Working with associate David Pratley, Stephen Browning undertook a thorough review of the financial position, management, staffing, marketing and day-to-day operation of these two venues. We also examined opportunities for building revenue and box office income, and we assessed whether the theatres could sustain a reduction in grant-in-aid from the Borough Council. In 2013 the council asked us to explore ways of re-developing the Assembly Hall Theatre to provide a larger auditorium, an improved catering operation and enhanced backstage facilities. On this project Stephen worked closely with two associates, theatre architect Keith Williams, and catering specialist Mary Nightingale, and received technical advice from Ken Bennett Hunter.


Assembly Hall Theatre and Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells


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